Who We Are


From seasoned cannabis cultivation experts, veteran business development professionals, tenacious investment and capital market specialists, our accomplished and highly knowledgeable leadership team has a diversity of expertise. With experience across multiple verticals and markets, our talented team makes us well positioned to achieve exponential growth and market share in Canada.


Westleaf is developing a national footprint of retail stores called Prairie Records – a brand that celebrates the instinctual tie between music and recreational cannabis. Providing access to the country’s best cannabis, Prairie Records is a reinvention of the cannabis purchasing experience in a high design, sophisticated retail space, mirroring that of a modern record shop.  This is Prairie Records.


Westleaf is currently building two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. A cultivation facility located in Battleford, Saskatchewan and a processing, extraction and manufacturing centre in Calgary, Alberta.


Westleaf was built on a vertically integrated model, allowing for ownership across the value chain and involvement in every aspect of the business. From producing premium cannabis products to creating innovative brands and a state-of-the-art retail offering, we have an unprecedented consumer purchasing experience.